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ToneRite - Mojo vibrationsmassage til din guitar
Så er den her!

"The ToneRite is used between playing sessions; simply plug it into a wall outlet. It fits between the strings of a steel-string, archtop, classical or acoustic bass guitar (up to 2-5/32" / 55mm string spread) and rests against the bridge. The special Elastone feet are designed to safely and quietly maximize energy transfer to the instrument. The intensity of vibration can be controlled by a convenient dial on the power cord. The manufacturer recommends an initial usage of 72 hours, with subsequent usages to maintain and further "open up" the response of the instrument.

110 volts AC, 60Hz.
Also available with international 220 volt 50 Hz. power adapter."

[Image: 0480_2lg.jpg]

ToneRite hos StewMac
Hvorfor ikke bare spille på guitaren? Der kræver måske for meget?
"When the fish scent fill the air, there'll be snuff juice everywhere"
Så får man en akustisk guitar til at blive elektrisk og det slider heller ikke på båndene. Wink
haha - det er sgu et stenet påfund - men det kan vel 'spille guitaren til' hurtigere, end man selv ville kunne gøre - det er vel i hvert fald ideen.
Modded guitars were crap right out of the factory

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