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One Plus x Covers
I can't remember the faults the machine had when I acquired it, but fixing it wasn't difficult, and it was 100% reliable afterwards. I'm not sure the same could have
been said about the Philips machines at the time - I admit that I gutted several for spare parts (and most fruitful that was, too!).
Regarding Betamax, I never owned a machine that allowed me to draw any conclusions about the format. Have plenty of experience with the various flavours of Betacam, and loved that... I did have an old VHS machine for the first year, and we did rent about half a dozen films during that time, but the video shop was quite a long walk away, so apathy
set in... So as I was simply using the machine for time-shifting, I decided to bring the V2000 machine to uni instead. I still have it, but it's been in the attic for
10 years, and I don't expect it'll work without some fettling - but luckily I do have the full service data and a lot of spare boards. Finding the remote .
Once I'd got used to the very strange user interface, I really loved it. Brilliant picture quality and great "trick" modes with no noise bars, etc. There was even a  real-time counter, which was very impressive for the time.I can't remember the faults the machine had when I acquired
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